Barry Beach and Carol Dodge Reaffirm The Need To Raise Awareness

Barry Beach and Carol Dodge Reaffirm The Need To Raise Awareness

Idaho Falls, ID to Boise, ID…

3 Days — 1124 Miles —  4 States…

I can hardly breathe.  5 hours after we left Barry, the Montana Supreme Court reversed the district courts decision to grant him a new trial, and stating they would prepare an arrest warrant.  At 11 am this morning he turned himself in.  It was a 4-3 decision and a newly appointed justice ruled against Barry.  Our legal options are unknown at this point.  (Update:  Centurion Ministries has submitted a Petition for Rehearing to the Montana Supreme Court and Montanans for Justice have an online petition requesting Barry’s release, please sign)

Dad is especially empathetic of Barry’s pain.  He will have to re-enter prison facing the challenges of mocking officers, being re-booked, degraded, confronted by inmates that spoke bad of you, along with terrible food and sub-par medical.  Dad says his notoriety will make it more difficult.

In addition to Barry’s gut wrenching decision, we were exposed to another tragic injustice here in Idaho Falls (See pics).  John Thomas introduced us to Carol Dodge, the mother of Angie Dodge.  Chris Tapp sits in prison based on a “confession” where the DNA evidence has now excluded him and his claimed accomplices.  (See their story on Dateline)

Carol Dodge is convinced of Chris’ innocence and has spent years searching for the true killer.  Despite having unmatched DNA, a “confession” with details contradicting the murder scene, and the own victim’s mother begging for the real killer to be found, the Idaho Falls PD has resisted requests to solve this crime.  Carol’s search for justice has strained her personal relationships, challenged her relationship with the community and yet she presses on in her pursuit of justice.

At the same moment Barry was turning himself in to serve the remainder of a 100 year sentence without parole, we spoke with Jolyn Thomas of East Idaho News about our personal wrongful conviction experience.  Reliving our story, with the weight of Barry’s circumstance, reaffirmed our need to fight for awareness of wrongful convictions.

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